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Inspiring Khutbah's for the Muslim Ummah

The following khutbahs belong to Brother Muhammad Alshareef, LL.B, Shari'ah. Scroll down to read khutbahs by Maulana (Sheikh) I. Suleman.

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In Search of Sincerity

The Third Parent

Go Back and Pray, For You Have Not Prayed!

The Day We Lost our Masjid

The World's Bravest People (Chechnya)

Before the Boat Drowns (Forbidding evil and enjoining the good)

When the Night Equals a Thousand

Hajj--A Journey of Hearts (The true essence of Hajj)

Those Who Envoke Allah's Anger

Ramadan Warriors

Regret (A must-read!)

The Struggle For One God

When Friends Hurt Eachother

How a Pearl Protects Herself (A wake-up call for the sisters of'll bring tears to your eyes, Insha Allah)

Have You Ever Tasted Jannah?

Hold That Tongue!

My Mother! My Best Friend!

Why Should I Study Islam?

Eeman in the Angels

Eeman in the Prophet SAW

Eeman in the Final Day

Eeman in the Qur'an

Sabr or Shukr--The Worry Stops Here

Speeches delivered by Maulana I. Suleman

Evils of Music

Drugs and Alcohol

The New Millennium

Munkar Ma'roof (Evil and Good)