Islam--Path to Paradise


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More Islamic Articles...

Introduction to Islam

Islam at a Glance

Introduction to Islam

The Message of Islam

The True Religion

Islamic Monotheism

Basic Beliefs

Belief in Allah

Belief in Allah's Angels

Belief in Allah's Books

Belief in Allah's Prophets

Belief in the Hereafter

Belief in al-Qadr (Fate)

Salah (Prayer)

The Importance of Prayer

Why Do We Pray?

Salah--The Broken Pillar

Abandoning Prayer

Has the Prayer Lost Its Power?

Errors in Prayer That Must Be Avoided

Concentration and Devotion in Prayer

Why Are We Not Able to Wake Up For Fajr Prayer?

How To Gain Khushoo (Humility, Concentration) in Salah

Prayer Times For Around the World

Cyber Salah--Computer Program That Teaches the Islamic Prayer (download)


All About Ramadan and Fasting

Ramadan: Month of the Qur'an

How to Seek Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power)

The Wisdom Behind Fasting

Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Hajj, A Journey of Hearts (Khutbah)

Zul-Hijjah--Eidul Adha, Hajj, Sacrifice, etc,

Some Lessons From the Prophet's (SAW) Farewell Pilgrimage

How to Perform Hajj

Rites of Hajj and Umrah

So That Our Hajj May Be Accepted

Superior Days For Righteous Deeds



Zakaah al-Fitr

Celebrations in Islam

Celebrations in Islam

Islamic Celebrations

The Islamic Concept of Celebrating

Eid Celebrations

The Excellence of Friday

To You be Your Celebrations, And to Me be Mine

Milaad: A Caution Against Innovation

$500 Reward for Proof on Milad

The Yearly Celebration of the Night of Isra' and Mi'raj

Celebrating non-Muslim Holidays

Islam in America

Islam in the United States

Islam in the United States (2)

How to Make America an Islamic Nation

What America Teaches Us

Photos of Mosques in America

Growth of Muslims in America

Islam in the USA--Discussion Board

Muslim Character

Care in Building the Characteristics of the Believers

Fourty Hadith on: The Islamic Personality

Muslim's Character

Giving Thanks to Allah

The Ranks of Al-Isfaaq (fear)

The Great Virtue of Lowering the Gaze

The Way to Happiness

Istighfar: Seeking Forgiveness From Allah

Love, Fear, and Hope

Turning Away From the Faults and Shortcomings of Others

Striving in Worship

Tree of Iman

The Hardness of the Heart (Dead Heart)

The Station of Al-Khawf (Fear)

Prohibitions That Are Taken Too Lightly

Al-Kabair--The Major Sins

Falling into Sin

Dealing With Worries and Stress


Hold That Tongue!


I Want to Repent, But...!

The Intention is the Foundation of Every Action

Four Poisons of the Heart

Symptoms of the Heart's Sickness and Signs of Its Health

Remembrance of Allah and Recitation of the Qur'an

Seeking Allah's Forgivness

Maintaining the Characteristics of the Fitrah


What is the Qur'an?

History of the Qur'an

Delight of the Heart

Keeping the Qur'an as a High Priority in our Lives

Science in the Qur'an!

A Guide to Memorizing the Qur'an

The Excellent Qualities of the Holy Qur'an

Listen to the Holy Qur'an with Arabic Text and Translation


Definition of Sunnah and Hadith

A Simple Explanation of Hadeeth (and its authenticity)

A Look at Hadith Rejecters' Claims

Prophethood in Islam

Prophets and Books

Following and Obeying the Prophet Sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam

Sunnah and Bid'ah

Do You Love the Sunnah?

True Love of the Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam)

Notes on the Evils of Innovation (Bid'ah)

Indispensability of Hadith

The Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam) as a Blessing to Mankind

Description of the Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam)

Finality of Prophethood

You Must Know This Man!

What Non-Muslims Say about Muhammad (sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam)